Saturday, September 13, 2008

Got Campylobacter - Again!

The Pennsylvania State Health Secretary warned consumers yesterday that raw milk purchased from Hendricks Farm & Dairy (Telford, Montgomery County, PA) may be contaminated with Campylobacter and should be discarded. The dairy's raw milk permit has been suspended.

As we pointed out just two days ago, Campylobacter infections have been linked to consuming raw dairy products on numerous occasions. And this recall is just one more piece in the recurring pattern.

According to Health Secretary, Dr. Calvin B. Johnson, there have been seven confirmed cases of Campylobacter infection among raw milk consumers in seven unrelated households in Pennsylvania and a neighboring state. He did not name the other state.

Consumers may purchase raw milk legally in Pennsylvania from licensed, inspected dairies. As of August 13, 2008, 115 dairies were licensed by the state to sell raw dairy products. Licensed dairies must meet specific sanitary standards and microbiological testing requirements, including a total coliform limit of 10 per milliliter. These requirements clearly were not enough to prevent the contamination of raw milk at Hendricks Farm.

Anyone who has consumed raw milk or other raw dairy products from Hendricks Farm, and who has since experienced symptoms of gastroenteritis should seek immediate medical attention. Young children, especially, are at risk of severe dehydration from symptoms of gastroenteritis.

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