Monday, September 22, 2008

Allergy Alert: Québec Recall of Prepared Meals

MAPAQ has issued an allergy alert and recall notice for a variety of cooked dishes sold under the name Les Coquineries, as the dishes contain one or more undeclared allergens, including milk, wheat, eggs, soy, sulfite and sesame.

The recall includes products available for sale up to and including September 19th, at Les Coquineries, 995 avenue Bergeron, Saint-Agapit, QC. Following is a translated list of recalled products, and the undeclared allergen(s) contained in each one:

  • Beef with Jamaica pepper: soy
  • Pork meatballs with cranberry: soy, wheat
  • Stuffed crepes: soy
  • Pork with teriyaki sauce: sesame
  • Pig's feet stew: soy, milk, wheat, eggs, sulfite
  • Pork meatball stew: sesame, wheat, soy
  • Green pepper sauce: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Pickled garlic sauce: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Pork cassoulet: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Pork and beans: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Pork terrine with chestnuts: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Spaghetti sauce with pork: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Pork terrine with hazelnuts: soy, wheat, sesame
  • Butcher's soup (soupe repas): soy, wheat, sesame

Individuals with allergies to one or more of the undeclared ingredients should avoid consuming these items. 

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