Thursday, September 25, 2008

Allergy Alert: Soups and Sauces - UK

The UK Food Standards Agency is advising consumers of two allergy-related recalls today.

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd. has withdrawn packages of its SO Organic Pumpkin & Sweet Red Pepper Soup (600g; Use by 7 October 2008), because some of the packages contain Organic Celeriac & Mushroom Soup instead. This product may be hazardous to individuals who are allergy to celery.

In a separate action, Jenks Sales Brokers have recalled five different sauce sachets, due to the presence of one or more undeclared allergens in the products. No date or product codes have been specified. Individuals who are sensitive to one or more of the indicated allergens should not consume the following five products, due to the risk of a severe – possibly life-threatening – allergic reaction.

  • Hammonds Vinegar (8g): gluten from barley
  • Hammonds Brown Sauce (10g): soya, gluten from wheat, barley, and rye
  • Hammonds Tartare Sauce (10g): mustard, egg
  • Hammond Mayonnaise (10g): egg
  • Hammonds Salad Cream (10g): mustard, egg, and gluten from wheat

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