Monday, September 29, 2008

The China Syndrome: Cadbury Recalls Chocolates

Cadbury has announced a recall of eleven chocolate items that were manufactured in its Beijing, China plant and exported to Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.

The British chocolate maker did not officially state a specific reason for the recall, saying simply that tests had cast doubt on the safety of its Chinese-made products. But an unnamed Cadbury spokesperson told Associated Press that preliminary tests revealed the presence of an undetermined level of melamine in the chocolates.

The eleven recalled Cadbury products have been identified as follows:

  • Dark Chocette, 45g
  • Dark Chocette, 80g
  • Eclairs, 180g
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate, 150g Pumpkin
  • Dark Chocolate, 40g
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate Bulk Pack, 5kg
  • Dark Chocolate Bulk Pack, 5kg
  • Dairy Milk Hazelnut Chocolate Bulk Pack, 5kg
  • Dairy Milk Cookies Chocolate Bulk Pack, 5kg
  • Hazelnut Praline Chocolate, 312g 2008 Chinese New Year pack
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate, 300g 2008 Chinese New Year pack

No recall advisories have been issued yet by Australia or Taiwan food safety authorities. But consumers in those countries should take note of this recall and avoid consuming the chocolates listed above until further notice.

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