Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Zealand Dairy Recalls Yogurt

Happy Valley Dairies (Tuatapere, New Zealand) has recalled Batch No. 071008 of Happy Valley Dairies brand Natural Unsweetened Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt and Apricot Yogurt after Listeria monocytogenes was confirmed in a sample of the product.

The yogurts, which are packaged in 500 mL and 1 Kg bottles, are sold in retail outlets and Farmers' Markets in Southland.

No illnesses have been reported, but consumers should not use the recalled products. While Listeria monocytogenes usually produces only a mild gastrointestinal or flu-like illness in adults, it can cause life-threatening illnesses in the elderly, young children, pregnant women and immuno-compromised individuals. Pregnant women infected with Listeria monocytogenes may miscarry or transmit the infection to their fetus in the womb.

Consumers should return the recalled yogurt to the place of purchase for a full refund, and can contact Happy Valley Dairies at 03226942 for more information.


  1. Also their milk, produced on and after the 14th of October, is contaminated with E-coli. They are the only daity in New Zealand that is permitted to have the cow shed and the milk processing plant under one roof in the same building.

  2. Thanks for the "heads up". Please see my post this morning:


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