Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boobies and Bottoms Recalled In UK

The UK Food Standards Agency announced today that three chocolate novelty products imported from China were found to contain melamine and have been withdrawn from the UK marketplace.

The three items were manufactured by Le Bang Chocolate Food Company (Zhongshan, China) and imported into the UK by Spencer and Fleetwood. The following items are included in this recall:
  • Fifi’s Boobies, 80g; Lot number LB8202; Best before end 01/10
  • Lollipop Boobs, 30g; Lot number LB8202; Best before end 01/10
  • Cheeky Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bottoms, 42g; Lot Number LB8202; Best before end 01/10
The "Bottoms" were found to contain 17 ppm melamine; the other two items each contained 15 ppm. At present, the legal limit for melamine in foods not intended for infants and toddlers is 2.5 ppm.

While the UK Food Standards Agency believes that the level of melamine contamination in these products does not represent a significant health risk, consumers are urged to either return these novelty items to the store for a refund, or to discard them out of the reach of children.

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  1. So tell me true, Cuzzy. How many giggles did you stifle when reading these product names? ;)


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