Thursday, October 23, 2008

Québec Warns About Mislabeled Perishable Foods

The Québec Ministry of Agriculture (MAPAQ) is advising the public not to consume certain perishable food items manufactured by Poissonnerie Bistro (445, chemin du Bord-du-Lac, Dorval, QC) if the foods have not been stored continuously in a refrigerator.

The following perishable items were not labeled "Garder réfrigéré" and should be discarded if they were not stored in a refrigerator after purchase. The products are packaged in glass jars in 250mL or 500mL sizes, and bear a label showing the brand name "La Poissonnerie Bistro" and a hand-written product description. All lot codes and dates are covered by this warning.

  • Corail pétoncle (scallop egg sac)
  • Palourde (clam)
  • Retailles de palourde (shredded clam)
  • Pâté de piment (pimento paté)

Consumers can return these items to the store for a refund. If the items have not been kept refrigerated, they should not be consumed under any circumstances.

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