Monday, October 20, 2008

The China Syndrome: Australia Announces Product Withdrawals

The Australian importers of two more dairy based food items from China have withdrawn products from sale.

Orion brand Tiramisu Italian Cake with Cheese Cream and Dali Yuan brand First Milk vanilla flavoured drink both have been withdrawn from sale after the Australian government detected low levels of melamine in samples of the items. All production lot codes and date codes have been withdrawn, and retailers have been advised to remove the products from sale.

No consumer-level recall has been announced. Consumers are asked to dispose of these products safely in a manner that will prevent their consumption by children or pets.

These latest withdrawals bring the total number of withdrawn or recalled Chinese-produced food items to six, including White Rabbit candy, Cadbury Eclairs, Lotte Koala biscuits, and Kirin milk tea.

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