Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chefs Behaving Badly - In England, Too

"The public don't care if the paperwork isn't done."

TV Chef Antony Worrall Thompson managed a one-star rating (out of five) in his Scores On The Doors hygiene inspection, according to BBC News.

The Greyhound, located in Henley-on-Thames, scored "Poor" under the Hygiene and Safety category, "Fair" for Structural, and "Little" for Confidence in Management.

While admitting that food had been found stashed under a refrigerator and an oven in the kitchen of his Oxfordshire pub, the good chef claimed that the whole problem boiled down to paperwork. People would have to get down onto their "... hands and knees with a torch..." to find the stashed food, Worrall Thompson told BBC.

"All [the public] want to know is if they're going to be poisoned," he added."The public don't care if the paperwork isn't done. It's treating everyone as if they haven't got a brain. It's got absurd, the amount of paperwork you have to do."

Mark Bittman, Ivan Petkov, Annie Copps and now Antony Worrall Thompson. The list of Chefs Behaving Badly keeps growing.

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