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Target's Market Pantry Eggs - Part of the Problem?

Target says "No" but some consumers beg to differ
(This article first appeared August 21, 2010. It has been updated to include additional plants as the result of a NuCal recall, a Moark recall and a Sparboe Farms recall that were announced after the initial publication)

After hearing from a few readers yesterday, I contacted Target's media communications office to ask whether any Market Pantry eggs were being recalled. I received a call-back from Jenn Glass, a Target spokesperson, who told me that none of Target's Market Pantry brand eggs were involved in the massive egg recalls.

I also asked Ms. Glass specifically whether Sparboe Farms eggs were sold at Target – Walmart has issued a statement that mentions a Sparboe Farms recall – and she promised to check and get back to me. That was yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, several readers have posted their concerns and experiences with Target's Market Pantry eggs. Here are some examples:
"Wondering about Market Pantry (Target Brand) P-1906203. They were all hard boiled too. Woke up sick today and wondering if its the eggs I ate the last two days or just being around my kid and other kids yesterday? Just wondering if these are on the list?"

"I keep seeing "Market Pantry brand at Target is fine" but I didn't want to risk food poisoning (or my life) to eat a delicious 9-cent egg.

After reading your report, I see a few things that make me think perhaps Target isn't taking this as seriously as they should:

1) My "Market Pantry" eggs are produced by/for Sparboe, which was listed as being supplied by Wright County.

2) Sure enough, the plant number listed on the carton is P-1951... isn't this the same plant as the NuCal recalled eggs are coming from?

So if Sparboe is being recalled by WalMart and P-1951 is being recalled by NuCal... then why is Target saying my P-1951 eggs from Sparboe are definitely fine??"

"I second the Target Market Pantry suspicion... have been in intestine hell for a few days... but I don't have the package anymore to check the stamp : ("

Here is a list of the fifteen egg plant locations (Plant ID numbers) that have been named so far in recall notices:
  • P1026: Wright County Egg, Quality Egg Environ Division, Dows, IA
  • P1091: NuCal Foods, Dwight Bell Plant, Atwater, CA
  • P1156: E & M Ranch, Fontana, CA (added 8/23/10)
  • P1167: Sparboe Agricultural Corporation, Hudson, CO (added 8/28/10)
  • P1292: Hilmar Processing LLC, Hilmar, CA (added 8/22/10)
  • P1382: Benton County Food, LLC, Benton, AR (added 8/28/10)
  • P1413: Wright County Egg, Quality Egg LLC site 4, Clarion, IA
  • P1663: Hillandale Iowa LLC, Alden, IA
  • P1686: Nucal Foods, Gemperle Enterprises, August Plant, Hilmar, CA
  • P1720: Wright County Egg, Quality Egg LLC site 1, Galt, IA
  • P1860: Hillandale Iowa II, LLP, West Union, IA
  • P1906: Sparboe Agricultural Corporation, Britt, IA (added 8/28/10)
  • P1942: Wright County Egg, Quality Egg LLC site 3, Clarion, IA
  • P1946: Wright County Egg, Quality Egg LLC, site 2, Clarion, IA
  • P1951: Nucal Foods, Rainbow Farms, Denair, CA

I urge any reader who has Target Market Pantry eggs in the refrigerator to check the Plant ID/date code stamped on the end of the carton. If the plant ID matches one of the numbers listed above, please email me directly with the details.

If you have any recalled eggs in your refrigerator, do not use them. Discard them or return the eggs to the store for a refund. If you believe that you have become ill within a few days after having eaten eggs – either from Target or from any other source – contact your local public health authorities.

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  1. I have eggs that I purchased at Target yesterday that were produced and packed by Sparboe Farms P-1674 223 (this number is not on the list). Husband had 4 for breakfast this morning and now has severe case of diarrhea and stomach cramps. This is the only thing he has eaten and is not feeling well at all. Target said their eggs are not on the recall list. We are not eating the rest of the eggs, he will probably have to get into the doctor. I don't think this recall is over.

  2. @Anonymous.- Please, please have your husband go to the doctor, and save the rest of those eggs. Call your local health office (city, county or state, depending on where you are living. Call the FDA. Give the health officials and the FDA the package information. FDA or the state lab will want to test the rest of the eggs from that package. This is extremely important. Prompt action on your part could help save others from becoming ill.


  3. I was sick for the past two days; stomach probs. Eggs I eat were purchased from target in white plains ny. Plant 1173 on the carton.

  4. Sparboe Farms from Target number 1906. I've eaten one egg in french toast, I did have gas and diarrhea in a day or two following. I can't say it was the eggs for sure.

  5. Well, well... All I can say is what bad taste the store has to get customers...We live in the Bay area. Now I understand why Target was giving away free eggs cartons. I usually buy the organic ones but I decided to accept the gift. Now I feel like they are giving away eggs that are contaminated and make you feel that "the stores cares of you". This people are disgusting, is very bad taste from Target. Giving you eggs that are rotten. I feel very dissapointed about the store's policy.... Fortunately, we never ate the eggs!!!!

  6. I had upset stomach this morning after having a Target "Market Pantry" egg, & I usually have a "cast iron" stomach.
    Based upon my experience with Target though, they will never admit to the cheap quality they have and allow refunds.

  7. I purchased Target brand eggs two weeks ago, and ask their young sales people if the eggs were safe. Of the three people I talked to, only two were aware of the egg recall issue. They all said the store has not told them to remove the eggs.
    I've eaten two since the purchase, and the ID P-1951 is on the box. I couldn't sleep well the first time I ate one, but can't say it came from the egg. I am now a bit scare to eat any of the eggs. I'll try to return them and see if Target will accept it.

  8. @Everybody who has become ill after eating eggs. Please contact your local health departments, especially if you still are ill and/or still have eggs left for the FDA or state agencies to test. Your prompt actions could help to prevent a lot more people from becoming ill.

    Thank you.


  9. I just bought a carton (P-1173) and after reading the comment from the guy in New York, I'm going to throw them away. Thanks for the heads up - our family of five is exceedingly grateful for your vigilance!

  10. I also have a new carton of Market Pantry eggs from P-1173 and was about to cook some for breakfast, but thought to check the recall info first, since it said "Sparboe Farms in MN" .... GREAT thing I did! Would hate to get myself sick and my little 2 year old too! THANKS for the info, all. And yes - got these egges with the "Free carton of eggs" Promo that Target had last weekend? ... I live in WOODBRIDGE, VA ... it's NOT the Midwest or NY ... Guess Target spread this recall South as well!

  11. Thank you for starting this blog!! We googled Sparboe Farms before eating the eggs we purchased at Target in Minneapolis, and saw your blog describing peoples complaints about the Market Pantry eggs. This was back on Aug. 25th, days before any "official" recall was ever publicized by Target/Sparboe. I wasn't sure whether or not our eggs were affected and had to fight through a couple of eggs cravings (while they remained in fridge in the Target sack for a week). Luckily, we did not eat them. We just saw on the news tonight that Sparboe Farms eggs were recalled and in particular plant 1906 where our eggs were from. Thank you for the information!!

  12. I have a carton of the Market Pantry Eggs,I got them free from Target last week,I had 2 of them the other day and so far I feel ok alittle bit of gas but thats it they do have the number on there the ones from sparboe farms I am going to call Target to see if they will let me return them,if not I probley wont shop there no more then.Thanks

  13. @Anonymous, Sept 5.- I'm happy that you found my post useful. I hope you visit often.

    @Anonymous, Sept 6.- If you are feeling at all ill, please contact the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator for your state and report this. FDA will probably want to test the eggs, and that would be much more useful to other consumers than simply returning them to Target. Sparboe Farms claims in its recall "clarification" that there have been no "confirmed illnesses" relating to their recall. I think that means the company is aware of one or more illnesses that have not been confirmed by lab analysis. Here is a link to the FDA Consumer Complaint telephone numbers:


  14. i will still shop at target....saying you wont shop at target nomore cause of esgs recall is like saying you wont buy eggs from walgreens mcdonalds ....... ihop golden nuggets they all use sparboe in the last 7 years almost every brand of eggs has recall already..


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