Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outbreaks and Alerts: August 4, 2010

A daily digest of international outbreaks, alerts and food safety news

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United States
  • Bismarck, ND. August 3: The North Dakota Department of Health today issued an advisory concerning blooms of blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, according to Kirby Kruger, director of the Division of Disease Control for the North Dakota Department of Health. The advisory comes after tests of water from Lake Josephine in northern Kidder County indicated the presence of cyanobacteria in the lake.
  • Austin, TX. August 3: Texas Department of Agriculture announces workshops to enhance food safety on Texas farms.
  • San Diego, CA. August 3: An estimated 3,400 gallon sewage spill occurred the evening of August 2nd at the intersection of Las Cumbres and Cirrus Street in the Fashion Valley area of San Diego. Signs warning of sewage contamination are posted at the San Diego River outlet at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach and will remain in place until samples confirm the water is safe for recreational use.
  • Morrison, CO. August 3: Undercooked eggs are thought to be behind an outbreak of Salmonella gastroenteritis that has affected patrons of The Fort, a popular Morrison restaurant. So far, eight confirmed and 20 probable cases of salmonellosis have been reported.

  • Derbyshire, UK. August 2: Results of an investigation into why 15 people suddenly fell ill at a wedding reception at the JCB Lakeside social club in Rocester are expected this week.The Health Protection Agency said it was looking to see whether it was an outbreak of food poisoning or Norovirus which caused the vomiting and diarrhoea outbreak on Friday.
  • Omsk, Russia. August 3: Health authorities in Omsk are investigating an outbreak of anthrax that has affected 127 workers in a local meat plant. Six people have been hospitalized, and one has died.
  • Alicante, Spain. August 4: A total of 80 people, including five town councilors of Sant Joan de Alicante, have been affected by food poisoning after partaking of refreshments offered after the festival of Santa Ana on Sunday, August 1st.
  • Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. August 4: Twenty people, including 2 children, were hospitalized with food poisoning after eating food offered at a funeral gathering.

Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands
  • Surat, India. August 2: Around 176 students of Vatshalyadham Ashramshala located in Kholwad village of Kamrej Taluka in Surat, were admitted to hospitals, on Saturday evening, with complaints of food poisoning, after having dinner at the school's canteen. The condition of one student is said to be critical.
  • Bundala, India. August 2: Sixty-three children fell ill on Saturday (July 31st) after consuming a mid day meal at a government primaryschool in Bundala village.
  • Nepal. August 4: Cholera has killed 29 and sickened hundreds in central and western Nepal after rains triggered flash floods, contaminating the water supply.

Australia and New Zealand
  • New South Wales, Australia. August 4: NSW Health is warning the public to be careful if taking traditional Ayurvedic medicine purchased from India, following the recent hospitalisation of a man with lead poisoning.

Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Bogota, Colombia. August 4: Eighteen high school students have been stricken with food poisoning after sharing a spoiled cake. Health authorities are trying to identify the responsible microbe.

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