Friday, August 15, 2008

France Recalls The Whole Enchilada - Botulism

France's Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has announced a recall of Companeros brand enchiladas and fajitas after high levels of Clostridium botulinum toxin were detected in a sample of "chicken enchiladas".

The investigation of Companeros' products was initiated after two members of the same family were diagnosed with botulism. The family members had eaten a meal of chicken enchiladas identified by lot no. 08/190 and a "use by" date of August 7, 2008. Both victims remain in hospital in serious but stable condition.

Due to the serious risk to health and life posed by Clostridium botulinum intoxication, the government has taken the precaution of recalling all outstanding lots of all varieties of Companeros enchiladas and fajitas. The recall is NOT limited to the specific lot eaten by the two victims.

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