Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pesticides in Polish Peas Trigger International Baby Food Recall

Blédina recalls 10 products supplied to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Polynesia

On April 23rd, Blédina (a member of the Danone group) recalled three brands of baby food, explaining that a supplier error caused peas destined for general consumption to be mixed with peas destined for baby food products. The recall was publicized in France and in Belgium, and appeared in the eFoodAlert Recall Roundup on April 23rd and April 27th, respectively.

Thanks to the European Union's (EU) Rapid Alert System for Foods and Feeds (RASFF), we now have a more complete picture of this recall. On May 3rd, France notified RASFF of the presence of "fluazifop-P (0.149 mg/kg - ppm) in baby food containing green peas manufactured in France, with raw material from Poland."

Fluazifop-P is a pesticide, and EU regulations limit pesticide residues in baby foods to no more than 0.01 mg/kg-ppm. It is very likely that this baby food was manufactured – and subsequently recalled – by Blédina.

Blédina's recall notice encompassed the following products:
  • Idées de maman (6 mois): Purée de petits pois (DLUO du 20 au 21 janvier 2011)
  • Idées de maman (6 mois): Haricots verts Dinde (DLUO au 27 janvier 2011; du 9 au 11 février 2011; du 14 au 16 mars 2011)
  • Idées de maman (8 mois): Panier de légumes Jambon (DLUO du 27 au 28 janvier 2011; du 3 au 5 mars 2011; au 16 mars 2011)
  • Idées de maman (8 mois): Légumes du potager Bœuf (DLUO du 28 au 30 janvier 2011)
  • Petit pot (6 mois): Légumes verts Poulet (DLUO au 15 décembre 2011; au 7 janvier 2011; au 27 janvier 2012)
  • Petit pot (6 mois): Jardinière de légumes (DLUO au 12 novembre 2011; au 15 décembre 2011; au 27 janvier 2012)
  • Petit pot (6 mois): Légumes verts Riz Saumon (DLUO au 23 novembre 2011; au 12 janvier 2012; au 14 janvier 2012; au 16 février 2012)
  • Petit pot (8 mois): Jardinière légumes Poulet (DLUO au 6 janvier 2012; au 28 janvier 2012; au 2 février 2012)
  • Blédichef (8 mois): Etuvée Haricots verts Poulet (DLUO au 20 avril 2011)
  • Blédichef (12 mois): Sauté de petits pois Veau (DLUO au 11 mai 2011)

The pesticide-contaminated baby food was distributed in Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Lebanon, Congo-Brazzaville, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Liberia, Mali, Mauritius, Mayotte, New Caledonia, and Niger. Not all of the products would have been shipped to every country. Belgium, for example, received only one item, "Blédichef (8 mois) Haricots verts Poulet DLUO au 20 avril 2011."

Consumers living in the countries listed above and who purchased Blédina's Petit Pot, Blédichef or Idées de Maman brands of baby food should check their pantries and discard any items that are mentioned on the recall list.

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  1. It is likely that this recall is about pesticides as the official website of Luxembourg in the past days had the following alert:

    Retrait de la vente du produit BLEDINA blédichef 8 mois haricots verts poulet
    Le danger identifié est l'introduction accidentelle de petits pois destiné à l'alimentation courante. Le taux de pesticides est donc non conforme aux réglementations des aliments infantiles sans risque de danger pour la santé humaine.

    This explanation about pesticides is now gone:
    See: http://www.securite-alimentaire.public.lu/actualites/alertes/2010/04/produit_bledina/index.html



  2. Martin, thank you for posting this link. I shall add the Luxembourg site to my daily search, and I shall post the notice with tomorrow's Recall Roundup.


  3. I strongly detest the presence of pesticides in food.It should be protested against and there should more purchase of local fresh and organic food.


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