Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Senator Coburn (R-Okla) Trying To Torpedo S510?

Senator from Oklahoma wants to vote earmark amendment as part of food safety debate

What will it take for Coburn to agree to pass Food Safety Modernization Act?

Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Chairman of Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions says:
1. We removed section on increasing FDA staff levels
2. We reduced $$$ authorization
3. We agreed to amendment on reducing duplication among agencies

Harkin says:
"This is a food safety bill...ready to go...compromises in place. Not the time to debate earmarks."

Harkin says:
"Why am I so passionate? Because people are dying."

Harkin says:
"...send hopeful message to families before Thanksgiving."

Harkin says:
Food Safety Modernization Act "...has no politics..."

Harkin says:
"If we lose will be very hard to put this back together again."

Senator Tom Coburn will do whatever it takes to block passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act. And he will succeed, no matter how many other Senators – and how many US families – want the bill to pass!!!!

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  1. This is just maddening! This man should be ashamed but whats even worse is he isnt.

  2. This Act is absolutely critical for the public health and safety.

  3. I think Sen. Harkin came back and said the cuts were not made to the bill. They sent the bill with the Coburn cuts to the GOP Senators' desks and they were not signed off on.. we'll see what happens next.


    (NaturalNews) Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, has been called "the most dangerous bill in the history of the United States of America." It would grant the U.S. government new authority over the public's right to grow, trade and transport any foods. This would give Big brother the power to regulate the tomato plants in your backyard. It would grant them the power to arrest and imprison people selling cucumbers at farmer's markets. It would criminalize the transporting of organic produce if you don't comply with the authoritarian rules of the federal government.

    "It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one's choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God." - Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower (

    This tyrannical law puts all food production (yes, even food produced in your own garden) under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. Yep -- the very same people running the TSA and its naked body scanner / passenger groping programs.

    This law would also give the U.S. government the power to arrest any backyard food producer as a felon (a "smuggler") for merely growing lettuce and selling it at a local farmer's market.

    It also sells out U.S. sovereignty over our own food supply by ceding to the authority of both the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Codex Alimentarius.

    It would criminalize seed saving (, turning backyard gardeners who save heirloom seeds into common criminals. This is obviously designed to give corporations like Monsanto a monopoly over seeds.

  5. Harkin thinks he is a GOD. This bill needs to be defeated like Satin was. Video of Harkin claiming he is God.

  6. There is a difference between food safety and this bill. The goals of this bill is to illegalize the growning and production of unless licensed by the federal government. Any license given can be revoked. And it is highly unlikely that anyone that wants to grow a family garden will be able to get licensed. This is a horrid law. I hope it is stopped.

  7. Come on people Wake Up .... This Bill is a disaster ! Call and tell your Representatives to Kill the Food Safety Bill. Another 1000 page Bill NO ONE knows what is truly in it.

  8. Prove it, please cite the section of the bill that states growing your own garden would be illegal. Stop with your fear-mongering.

    Perhaps if any of you had a family member fall ill or die from tainted food, you would think differently about this bill. Ive contacted my Reps and requested they pass the bill.

  9. Senator Coburn is an absolute hero in my book. There are plenty of government agencies already in place to deal with food safety, and they continuously drop the ball. When the White House abolishes all of those existing US food agencies, then maybe I would support an alternative. Until then, FORGET IT. Please write your senators to stop this horrendous governmental ineptitude known as S510.

    Why don't they let us sue these agencies when our loved ones fall ill due to bad food?


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