Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ALERT: Senate passes cloture motion on S510

Debate on Food Safety Modernization Bill will proceed after 74 senators vote in favor of procedural motion.


  1. Phyllis, Im wondering if you can explain why Ive seen so many posts at Twitter saying this Food Safety Bill would make gardening illegal or another person said it would further "entrech the industrial food complex"? Im guessing if those same people had lost a family member or a pet to tainted food they wouldnt feel the same? I also cant help but wonder how many people really understand that right now, FDA has no recall authority except for basically baby formula and that this food safety bill would give them better ability to order recalls if necessary.

  2. Ooops I meant to write "entrench" above...

  3. all current major laws have the impression of portecting the public(ie the name of the bill) but in reality are taking away your freedoms and rights. patriot act 1 and 2 do just that and this is another example. there is no way that any company can track where one sick cow was ground up along with a thousand others in a modern multinational meat plant. thinking a tacking device will prevent any problems is simply insane. tracking devices are not imbedded with ground beef. this bill does virtually nothing for food saftey but does everything for the multinationals like monsanto owned by bill gates

  4. Oh really, exactly how does this bill take away freedom and rights? Ive seen so much of this hyperbole with nothing to support any of the claims being made.

    Im sure the supporters of this bill know its not perfect and nothing will ever be perfect when it comes to food safety but if it at least starts with giving FDA more power to force recalls then Im all for it. Food safety is not just about meat. Its about companies that know they have a problem with their food but fail to issue a recall.

  5. Why does the majority believe that more laws and regulations will fix what the existing food agencies refuse to address?

    The USDA allegedly gave citations more than 8 times to the egg farm responsible for the salmonella outbreak, but never informed the FDA and so NOTHING was ever done until it was too late. Whose fault was that?

    Put the blame where it belongs...with faulty governmental agencies who do not do their jobs.

    And for heaven's sake, anyone who does not wash their produce prior to consumption is just plain inviting a dance with E. coli. Walk into a men's bathroom in the US and count the people who do not wash their hands after evacuating their bowels. Do you truly think that other countries practice a higher level of hygiene? Common sense would solve so many of these problems with our food supply.


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