Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bonsoy Users: In Their Own Words

Based on the number of comments that have been posted to eFoodAlert by present and former consumers of Bonsoy Soy Milk, it's likely that the number of cases of thyroid illness due to this product well exceeds the initial tally of ten (as reported by Food Standards Australia New Zealand). Here are the comments I've received, with any identifying information removed.

In Their Own Words
"I've been drinking Bonsoy for the past five or six years. I love it! I'm breastfeeding my baby son now. Although I haven't noticed any thyroid issues, I hope that I haven't caused any damage to his developing systems. We're both always tired, but that's to be expected for a newborn and a new mum."

"my situation is exactly the same as anonymous above - except that my son is 8 months old. i am worried too."

"I was a regular drinker of Bonsoy and interestingly was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in early 2009. I had 6 times the normal levels of iodine in my body and neither my specialist or I could determine a I know the cause!!!"

"I was a long term user and had a thyrotoxic episode a few years ago and am still recovering. I hope it does not put people off alternatives to cows milk that stuff almost killed me as a kid with allergies and URTI's"

"After hearing about this warning about Bonsoy I have booked an appointment with my Doctor. I discovered Bonsoy 15 years ago when was told was Lactose Intolerant and couldn't drink milk. Bonsoy had by far the best taste and drank it for 15 years in coffees, teas and on cereals. 4 Years ago I went from full health to a debilitating condition called 'Chronic Fatigue', which to this date still suffering from, but in a much improved state. I now wonder if Bonsoy could have had any effect or even be the cause of my condition. Will learn more after seeing my Doctor."

"As a person that consumes Bonsoy everyday (about 300-400mls) I've just been to the doctor to be tested as I have been suffering from hypothyroidism and taking an ever-increasing dose of Oroxine. As well I have numerous health issues even gaining weight at a phenomenal rate. My husband also consumes about 500mls of bonsoy every day and has been complaining of excess tiredness, is extraordinarily forgetful (sugar in the fridge)and is generally unwell. He too will be tested."

And, for a slightly different perspective, this comment from a thoughtful reader:

"Bonsoy is around for many years (or decades). I believe the intake amount is important here. 300 - 500ml is A lot for DAILY consumption. Besides looking at the history of Korean and Japanese culture, these people are consuming Kombu in every other dishes or even as soup stock everyday. I believe is eating habit plays a part here too. Not just kombu itself. There are 2 questions here : 1) is it the batch of Kombu they use having some problem (high in iodine)? 2) Did the climate change resulted in the change of the ecosystem in the sea, such that kombu is now high in iodine??? I am inclined to link this to the climate issue noting the the sea temperature has gone up, more methane is releasing for the deep sea, it will not be difficult to find eating anything from sea is beginning to turn poisonous."

Once more, I urge anyone who has been a regular consumer of Bonsoy Soy Milk and who is experiencing any unexplained fatigue or changes in body weight to seek medical advice.


  1. I have been drinking Bonsoy for the past seven years after a diagnosis of breast cancer. I read extensively and I felt it was especially important in the first few years after my operation and treatment to avoid cow's milk. I have been having it on my cereal about 4 - 5 times per week, which is about 250mls or one cup. Sometimes it would run out and I would not get to the shop for a week so then I would have an unplanned break. I feel fine and have no thyroid problems. Let's hope a new and better Bonsoy is back on the market soon.

  2. Helen, thanks for sharing your story. I suspect that, as with many other health-related issues, some people are less tolerant of excessive iodine than others. I share your hope that the manufacturers of Bonsoy will soon solve the problem of producing a Soy Milk that is safe for everyone, regardless of their iodine tolerance.

    Best wishes for your continued good health.


  3. LOL, in the past 15 years my girlfriends keep breaking up with. I realised this happened everytime and almost immediately after I had a glass of Bonsoy. Curious. I wonder whether it must be something else thats the problem however.


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