Monday, December 7, 2009

Recalled Slim-Fast Still On Store Shelves

I dropped into our local grocery store this morning to see whether the recalled Slim-Fast Ready-To-Drink products had been removed from the shelves.

I was disappointed – but not surprised – to find a full display of the recalled diet drinks.

When I took a 6-pack to the cashier to see her reaction, she said, "Don't buy that – it's been recalled."

"I know," said I, "but there's still a full display of the products. Is your store manager available?"

"He's not in yet," was the reply, "You can speak to The Lady In The Office."

So, I trudged back to the office area, and confronted The Lady.

"Are you aware," I asked, "that this recalled product is still on display?"

"Oh," she said, "I thought they had already removed it."

I waited a few seconds, expecting The Lady to instruct one of the half-dozen employees who were hanging around to pull the Slim-Fast off the shelves. But she simply returned to what she had been doing. So, I put down the 6-pack that I had been toting around and left the store.

I emailed Unilever this morning to ask for some additional details on the health risks surrounding this recall. Whether or not my questions are answered, I'll have more to say in the next few days. Meanwhile, remember that ALL Slim-Fast Ready-To-Drink products sold in the US and Canada have been recalled.

Be a wary consumer. Never rely on grocery stores and supermarkets to react quickly to a food safety recall announcement – even when store employees are aware of the recall.


  1. well there's goes my primary food source... i guess I'll have to switch to a generic brand for now

  2. Not surprised to hear this at all. Groceries are notoriously slow and even downright negligent when it comes to pulling recalled food. As the peanut paste recall grew earlier this year, I stopped buying all nutrition bars and anything else that I thought *might* contain the suspect peanut paste. I figured that the stores could not keep up with the ever-growing list of recalled products.

    @Jan Boyle: You may want to hold off on buying generic Slim Fast. Generic brands may be made at the same facility as name brands. Often the name brand is recalled first, then the store brands and generic brands that may have been from the same facility are recalled a few days later.

  3. They have added a new Slim Fast, coffee favor. So, why is that coming out. It has been here for about a year, now.


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