Friday, March 12, 2010

Recall Roundup: March 12, 2010

Here is today's list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals and allergy alerts. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States
  • Food Safety Recall (Update): USDA releases updated retail distribution list for Daniele International recall of Italian-style deli meats and ready-to-eat sausages.
  • Food Safety Recall (Update): McCormick & Company, Incorporated expands earlier recall of four products manufactured with hydrolyzed vegetable protein to include additional "Best By" dates.
  • Food Safety Recall: Austinuts Of Dallas, Inc. recalls Austinuts Honey Mustard Pretzels (in 16 oz. clear zipper bags), because the product may be contaminated with Salmonella. The pretzels were distributed only at Austinuts building sales in Dallas, Texas.
  • Food Safety Recall: Frontier Natural Products Co-op recalls several of its products manufactured with non-organic black pepper – sold under the Frontier brand and under the Whole Foods Market brands – that contain black pepper supplied by Mincing Overseas Spice Company. The black pepper has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
  • Food Safety Recall: N.Y. Gourmet Salads, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) recalls an undetermined amount of various chicken products because the products were produced without the benefit of federal inspection.
  • Food Recall: Food City advises its customers that Full Circle Organic Butter, 16 oz., was recall and should be returned to the store.
  • FDA Warning Letter: FDA warns Village Cannery Of Vermont, Inc. that repeated 2009 inspections revealed that applesauce processed at the company's facility was adulterated, in that it was contaminated with patulin, a toxic substance.
  • FDA Warning Letter: FDA warns Cumberland Farms, Inc. that a June/July 2009 inspection of the company's seafood processing facility revealed serious violations of the seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulation and the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulation for foods.

  • Food Safety Recall: Siena Foods, Ltd. recalls certain Siena brand Prosciutto Cotto Cooked Ham products, because the products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The recalled ham was sold to delicatessens, grocery and speciality food stores in large wholesale packages in Ontario, Québec and Alberta for further slicing bearing Best Before dates of March 8 and March 22, 2010. Cases of listeriosis have been reported in Ontario, but it is not yet known whether these are linked to consumption of the recalled Siena ham.
  • Food Safety Recall: Canadian Food Inspection Agency alerts consumers to recall of several Amira and Fontaine Santé products that were manufactured using hydrolyzed vegetable protein supplied by Basic Food Flavors and may be contaminated with Salmonella.


Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket's recall web site.

*The Kroger umbrella encompasses numerous supermarket, marketplace and convenience store chains, listed on the Kroger corporate home page.

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