Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toxin Alert: Ciguatera Toxin in Frozen Leatherjacket

January 10, 2009

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public that some School of Fish brand Frozen Leatherjacket may contain ciguatera toxin and should not be consumed.

The following items, which are products of China, have been recalled by the importer, Frobisher International Enterprise Ltd.

  • Production code HI04; Size 100/200; UPC 8 74718 00074 0
  • Production code HI04; Size 200/400; UPC 8 74718 00073 3

The fish was distributed in British Columbia and Ontario.

According to CFIA, ciguatera poisoning is caused by "... an accumulation of marine biotoxins in fish." Symptoms may include gastroenteritis, itching, and cold inversion (i.e., hot items feel cold and cold items feel hot), begin 1-12 hours after consumption of toxin-contaminated fish, and can persist for several months. The toxin is not destroyed by heating.

Two illnesses have been associated with consumption of the recalled Leatherjacket.

Consumers should discard or return the recalled fish to the store. For more information, contact the importer at 604-523-8108.

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