Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The China Syndrome: Topaz Wafer Rolls Recalled – Melamine

January 7, 2009

National Brands, Inc. (Spring Valley, NY) has recalled four varieties of Topaz Wafer Rolls after FDA confirmed the presence of melamine in the sweets. Consumers first were alerted to the melamine contamination in late November by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Topaz Wafer Rolls are manufactured in China and distributed in the United States by National Brands to retail stores across the country. The following flavors and lot numbers, packaged in 4.76oz (135 gm) and 12.3oz (350 gm) metal cans, have been recalled by the distributor:

  • Topaz Wafer Rolls with Chocolate Flavored Cream Filling: Lot numbers L8085A, L8219A, L8245A
  • Topaz Wafer Rolls with Hazelnut Chocolate Flavored Cream Filling: Lot numbers L8085D, L8219D, L8245D
  • Topaz Wafer Rolls with Vanilla Flavored Cream Filling: Lot numbers L8085B, L8219B, L8245B
  • Topaz Wafer Rolls with Mocha Cappuccino Flavored Cream Filling: Lot numbers L8085C, L8219C, L8245C

While FDA has not indicated the level of melamine that it found in these products, Connecticut reported finding 5 ppm in the wafer and 7 ppm in the cream when it tested the Hazelnut Chocolate Flavored variety. Melamine concentrations higher than 2.5 ppm (1 ppm in infant formulas and foods meant for infants and children younger than 36 months) are considered excessive by FDA.

The recall notice – dated December 19, 2008 – was posted to the FDA web site on January 5, 2009. There was no reason given for the delay in making this national recall public.

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