Thursday, April 3, 2008

Food Poisoning Around The World (cont'd)

In a continuation of the world tour we began on April 1st, here are some additional stops on our Food Poisoning itinerary.

Bangkok, Thailand
The Thai Public Health Minister has warned consumers about eating a local popular dish, "kway teow." This noodle dish is made traditionally using semi-cooked pork blood, putting consumers at risk of infection from Streptococcus.

The warning didn't mention watching out for bare-handed food handlers.

Seoul, South Korea
A professional soccer team was forced to postpone a match this week after team members succumbed to food poisoning. The team bus had stopped at a diner en route back home, and the soccer players shared a meal of rice mixed with raw beef and vegetables. Afterwards, 19 players complained of diarrhea and nausea. Three were hospitalized briefly.

Janakpuri, India
Customers of the State Bank of India might have experienced unusual delays in service from the Bank's credit card call center last week. Sixty employees of Om Innovation Call Services complained of a stomach ache and began vomiting after eating a lunch provided by their employer. The victims were hospitalized for observation. Most have been released, but a few remain in hospital. The owner of the catering company has been detained and is expected to be arrested.

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
A fruit picker from the Solomon Islands was diagnosed with Hepatitis A after complaining of nausea and jaundice, and has been sent home. Twenty three people who worked or lived in close contact with the infected orchard worker have been screened and have received an injection of gamma globulin as a precaution. The report makes no mention of what type of fruit the infected worker was harvesting or whether any of the fruit he contacted has been destroyed.

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