Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Importer Recalls Honduran Cantaloupes

In the latest development in the case of the contaminated cantaloupes, Central American Produce, Inc. of Pompano Beach, FL has announced a recall of cantaloupes grown and packed by Agropecuaria Montelibano.

The recalled cantaloupes have been implicated in an outbreak of Salmonella Litchfield that has sickened at least 50 people in the United States and 9 in Canada since the beginning of 2008. FDA first alerted consumers to the health hazard on March 22nd, when the agency issued an Import Alert. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency followed suit later the same day.

Melons have been shipped under various brand names, including "Mayan Pride" and "Mikes Melons". Some have been incorporated into fruit salads.

Charlie's Produce of Spokane, WA recalled several of its cut cantaloupe products on the weekend. While the recall notice stated that no illnesses have been associated with the company's products, The Washington Department of Health has reported 9 cases of Salmonella Litchfield infection.

If you have purchased cantaloupes and are unsure of their country of origin, check with the store. If you are experiencing any symptoms of Salmonella infection and have eaten cantaloupe recently, consult your family physician and be sure to mention the cantaloupe.

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