Friday, May 29, 2009

NUTRO: Was It Something I Said?

May 29, 2009


I think I may have triggered last week's Nutro recall.

  • On Thursday, May 14th, I had a pleasant conversation (see my May 22nd Nutro article) with Josie, in Nutro's Customer Service department. During my discussion with Josie, I asked the following question:
"Does Nutro ever test its ingredients or finished products to ensure the correct levels of nutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals?"
  • Before the weekend was out, I noticed a new "follower" on my Twitter site – ReneeATNutro, a member of the Nutro Ambassador program. 
  • Nutro claims that it first became aware of the premix formulation problem – too much zinc; too little potassium – on Monday, May 18th

Is it possible that my May 14th question caused Nutro's Quality Assurance personnel to review their documentation?

If so, Nutro, I was happy to help!


  1. Pet Food Products Safety Alliance has some pet food test results in. They had testing done on Nutro recalled dry cat food and the result came back with zinc levels way above the AAFCO average for cats and also above the NRC limits.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Please see my follow-up post (

  3. ASPCA toxicologist looked at zinc levels in recalled Nutro food, doesnt have very good things to say...

  4. Reporter at this news site wants people have sick cats from Nutro recall food to contact him:


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