Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Case of The Waist-ed Cake: Thinking Outside The Box

May 17, 2009

by Quintzy Doodle

Note to Readers: This article first appeared on several Labradoodle discussion boards and has been reprinted here by permission of its author, Quintzy. Dates have been omitted to protect Momsy.

It was Momsy's birthday. Popsy and I decided to bake her a birthday layer cake, since it was a special birthday for her (it has a zero in it). But we ran into a little problem. 

We couldn't find two cake pans the same size!

No matter how hard we looked, everything was different sizes.

Finally, while Popsy was giving me breakfast, he had a brainwave.

"Gee, Popsy," I said, " I know that my food and water bowls are both the same size, but are you sure they will work as cake pans?"

Popsy said that he thought they would work, so I hurried up and finished my breakfast.

And then I did the dishes.

Now my bowls were all shiny clean and ready for their new duties.

First we greased and dusted the bowls.

Then Popsy started to assemble the cake. The mix called for butter.

By the time he was done, the batter also contained eggs and water.

Popsy poured the batter into my bowls and they were ready for the oven.

Magical things happened in the oven, and when Popsy took the bowls back out, they looked like this.

They looked like Kilauea after an eruption.

But after Popsy got through with it, the cake looked great. It even had an hourglass figure, 'cause he put the two bottoms together.

Momsy REALLY liked her special birthday cake. She said it was delicious!

Thanks, Popsy, for letting me help you bake a birthday cake for Momsy. 


  1. So how many people do you figure believe there truly never was any soap and hot water involved in that bowl-washing? ;)

    There was soap and water involved.. wasn't there?

    Quintzy might need his own blog...

  2. I'll never tell. Quintzy might....


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