Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Olivier Dip Distributed in Canada

It's taken longer than it should have, but news of the Olivier Parmesan & Asiago Dip recall is finally reaching consumers across the United States. And now the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has also issued a Health Hazard Alert, warning Canadian consumers that the product is at risk of contamination from Clostridium botulinum.

According to the CFIA news release, the affected products have been distributed through Williams-Sonoma stores in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Williams-Sonoma is initiating a voluntary recall of the products from its Canadian stores. The agency asks all Canadian consumers to check their kitchens for the recalled products, as they may also have been distributed through other retail locations across Canada.

So, why haven't we seen a press release yet from Williams-Sonoma?


  1. I have noticed some Food Poison Law Firms picking up on this 'blissful ignorance.' Oddly, Williams-Sonoma has been recognized in the past for demonstrating leadership in the face of a product recall. As snarky as a previous post was (Williams-Sonoma, Inc.: "Let Them Eat Chees-Dip"), could these WS corporate types REALLY think silence is the best legal strategy? Must have gone to Harvard....

  2. I noticed some law firm posts, but missed the "Let Them Eat Cheese-Dip". Where was that one posted?

  3. Sourced from NEW, NY Times 'process-oriented' FOODIE column entitled "Bitten." It's fabulous!!!! Click here:

    Tell your friends....

  4. New York Times, 06-Feb-2008: "BITTEN"

    Comment #41: Posted February 6th, 2008 1:19PM

    THANK YOU for this great, new ‘process-oriented’ perspective on GOOD FOOD!

    On the ‘farm to fork’ subject, have you followed the rather ‘blissful ignorance’ of American Luxury Brand Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s refusal to demonstrate leadership with regard to it’s latest ‘cheese-dip-gate?’ Last week one of Williams-Sonoma’s food suppliers was forced to issue a product recall. The product? Cheese-Dip.

    Anonymous, snarky posts are beginning to emerge to explain WHY such an esteemed, American luxury brand would allow the molasses-slow, ugly process of brand-erosion to begin. For example: “Williams-Sonoma, Inc.: Let Them Eat Cheese-Dip?”

    Just a heads-up from yet one more reader who enjoys biting on botulism-free, GOOD FOOD!




    — Posted by J. Wellbaum

  5. Thanks for the link, Anonymous. I'll have a look.

  6. Just today I've noticed the announcement of a recall on the Williams-Sonoma website. You may find it here:


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