Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Miscellaneous Outbreaks and Alerts

This seems to be a busy news day, so I've decided to summarize some of the items, with links to the full information. Here goes.

Hong Kong, Feb 6th. Sixteen patrons of Lei Yue Mun restaurant are being treated for food poisoning after eating contaminated seafood at the restaurant.

Clallam County, WA, Feb 5th.
The Washington State Department of Health warns residents to use bottled water for drinking, cooking or brushing their teeth, as a result of a water line break. Customers of the affected water utility are being asked to conserve water by taking short showers and avoiding doing laundry until service has been fully restored. Hmm, sounds like our month in Southeast Asia.

Umpqua Beach, OR, Feb 5th. The Oregon Department of Health is warning bathers to stay out of the water off Umpqua Beach because of the risk of elevated levels of fecal bacteria resulting from a sewage spill. Bathers at this time of year?

Nye Beach, OR, Feb 5th. Another sewage spill, this time at Nye Beach. It makes one wonder about the state of repair of the infrastructure.

Edinburgh, Scotland, Feb 5th. Health authorities are investigating a city nursery after a child was diagnosed with E. coli O157. There is no indication that the infection has spread to other children.

Redwood Shores, CA, Feb 2nd. The Sofitel Hotel has cleaned up its kitchen, and its act, after 62 people – including a member of the local Board of Supervisors – were infected with Norovirus after attending an event at the hotel last month.

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