Friday, February 8, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Recall Notice

Thanks to "Anonymous", who posted this link in a comment to one of my previous blogs, we can now access the Williams-Sonoma recall notice for Olivier's Parmesan and Asiago Dip.

I have to wonder, though, why Williams-Sonoma buried this recall in the "Recipes" section of their web site.


  1. Could it be the CULTURE of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. as well as the CULTURE of the supplier? It seems clear to me that there exists a Marie-Antionette-haughtiness within both working-cultures at-play here: Yes the peasants are at the gates but golly, "LET THEM EAT CHEESE-DIP." Except that public health is also at stake.

    Could this overt BURYING of a product recall within a "zero-trafficed corner" of the Willaims-Sonoma, Inc. website be accidental? What kind of working culture exists within Williams-Sonoma, Inc., not to mention le petit supplier, with regard to the trivialization of BOTH American and Canadian Official PEASANT-SAFETY product recalls?

    Follow the lack of urgency. Follow the money.

  2. Q1: I wonder what corner of the publicy-traded Williams-Sonoma, Inc. website the company places its Supplier Food-Safety Policies?

    Q2: Oh yeah. Are there any such corporate-wide policies in-place? At PotteryKids? Supplier safety policies for PotteryTeens, etc.?

    Q4: Does Williams-Sonoma, Inc. take such a 'hands-off' policy with supplier product safety for ALL customers and gift-recipients of ALL of its 'valued' Brand assets?

    Does Executive Bliss Lead to Ignorance of Brand Basics 101?

  3. Given the joys of daily life, it's comforting to at least PRETEND that your expensive, 'gourmet' brands are concerned for the life/death of their customers, customers families and other gift-recipients demanding their goods in American and Canadian markets.

    There seems to be no pretense of caring for the quality of the end product, much less for the safety of MY FAMILY.

  4. New York Times, 06-Feb-2008: "BITTEN" Blog

    "Williams-Sonoma, Inc. CHEESE-DIP-GATE"


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