Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consolidated List of Recalled Hazelnut Products

Updated January 16, 2010

More recalls are likely, and I'll be updating the following list of items as additional recalls are announced. Please navigate to the live links for more details.

  • Burnt Ridge Orchards, Inc.: 98 pounds of shelled hazelnuts, packed in 8 oz and 16 oz zip lock plastic bags and sold Nov. 17th to Dec. 13th at the Olympia Farmer’s Market in Olympia, WA.
  • Colorado retail distribution: Whole Food Markets, Ft. Collins Food Co-op, Mountain Mama Natural Foods in Colorado Springs, and Healthy Solutions, in Denver.
  • Evonuk Oregon Hazelnuts: Raw and dry roasted hazelnut kernels supplied to retail and wholesale stores, restaurants and bakeries in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Oklahoma and New Jersey
  • Harry and David: Raw shelled hazelnut kernels sold only in the Harry & David Country Village store in Medford, OR
  • Janzen Farms: Hazelnut kernels sold in November and December 2009 at Lenny's North (Seattle, WA) and six 1-lb. bags sold at the Sunset Produce Stand (Banks, OR).
  • Kunze Farms: ‘Select Shelled Hazelnuts’ Dayton, Oregon. Code numbers 289091A or 299091A
  • Market of Choice: Bulk and packaged hazelnuts sold at Market of Choice stores in Eugene, Ashland, SW Portland and West Linn, Oregon
  • Meridian Organic Hazelnuts: 25-lb. corrugated boxes with lot codes 289091A and 311091A
  • Mountain Man Nuts and Fruits Co: Hazelnuts sold via the Internet, stores and sales distributors
  • PEO Chapter FO (Ashland, OR): Hazelnuts sold at two beauty salons
  • Whole Foods Market: Organic raw hazelnuts, non-organic raw hazelnuts and non-organic dry roasted hazelnuts; sold in bulk bins in California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington
  • Willamette Filbert Growers: 25-lb. corrugated boxes with lot codes 289091A and 311091A
  • Willamette Shelling: Brand names Kunze Farms, Evonuk Oregon Hazelnuts, Canadian Hazelnuts, and Firestone Farms. 25-lb. and 50-lb. corrugated boxes with lot codes 296091A, 299091A, 300091A, VH3696BO, and 310091A

The following list of Mountain Man recalled products were sold in retail stores in the state of Colorado, through Mountain Man distributors and via the Mountain Man internet website. Some of the recalled products also might have been used in gift baskets, including 12 Tastes Basket, Bounty Basket and Half-Pound Sample Baskets.
  • Filberts, 289091A, 299091A
  • Natural Mixed Nuts, 32009, 33809
  • Fancy Mixed Nuts, 8- and 16-oz. bags, 30909, 31309, 31709, 32009, 32309, 32909, 33509, 33709 34209, 34309, 34809, 34909 35009
  • Choice Mixed Nuts, 16-oz. bags, 31309, 32709, 33609, 34909
  • Dry Roast Mixed Nuts,16-oz. bags, 30909
  • Sweet Simplicity™ Trail Mix, 32909
  • Mountain Jubilee® Trail Mix, 8- and 16-oz. bags, 31309, 32409, 33709, 34909
  • Cinnamon Almond Appleanche™ Trail Mix, 31009
  • Fancy Mixed Nut Gift Packs, 1.75 lb., all product, except 35009
  • Fancy Mixed Nut Gift Packs, 1 lb., all product, except 35009

Please check back daily for additions to this list of recalled products.

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