Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recalled Sandwiches May Contain Plastic Pieces

USDA has advised consumers of a nation-wide recall of more than 199,000 pounds of prepared sandwiches issued by Nestlé Prepared Foods Company.

The "Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken" sandwiches were recalled after the company received communications from consumers, who complained about pieces of plastic. Two injuries have been reported.

The recalled product can be identified as follows:
9-ounce boxes of "Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken - 2 sandwiches." Printed on the side of each box is a "Best Before" date of "Nov 2009" followed by a package code beginning "8144 544616." Also printed on the side of the package is the establishment number "P7721A."
Consumers with questions about this recall, or who want to report a problem, can contact the Nestlé Consumer Services Center at (800) 350-5016.

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